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August 25th, 2014

No effective ministry can be done without effective prayer.
Your intercession is crucial to the outcome of this ministry.
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We look forward to serving you,
Wayne Dillard
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Crossing the Line

August 12th, 2014

At the recent Global Ephesus Support Team retreat in Central Texas, we crossed a line! Thirty of us gathered together to worship, pray and seek God in our efforts to facilitate cascading movements to Christ and God met us in powerful ways! We shared the status of existing and forming Ephesus Teams. We spent time corporately listening to God. We strategized together related to prayer, communications, media to missions, crisis response, online training, and movement case studies. One day we met at the “Rock Church”, a historic church deep in the Hill Country, for a powerful time of prayer and worship led by Betsy Brown and Miriam Wallace. By the end of our time together it was clear: God has taken this “collection of individual stars” and had brought forth a true team of diverse and gifted individuals to flow together in His vision for the nations! Pray for our team as we continue to serve together the One Who is Worthy of Worship and Praise from Every Tongue, Tribe and Nation!

Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Being part of God rolling out a “new thing” is challenging, sometimes stressful, but exciting and encouraging. As the vision for what a “prayer strategist” is and could be in a team focused on igniting movements to Christ is developing and getting a wider and wider audience, we are seeing God grow a larger leadership team to help move the process forward. Our latest conference call—with about seven prayer leaders participating and another 3 or 4 connecting by email—developed the ideas and concepts further. In addition, two new resources are now “out there” sharing the concept of linking fervent global prayer with strategic field outreach among the wider missions community:

• The latest July/August issue of Mission Frontiers, “Lifestyle of Prayer: A Furnace for Missions”, includes my article “Prayer Changes Things: Convergence in the Ethne Ephesus Vision. Read it here:

• Justin Long recently interviewed me regarding the concept of prayer strategist and their role in frontier mission teams for his Think Tank. View that video here:

The lion’s share of our efforts recently have been going toward our Ethne Global Ephesus Support Team’s facilitation of the global Ephesus Team meetings in India to be held in November. Forty to fifty leaders will gather Nov 13-15 in a northwestern city for praying with and learning from some of the leaders of the Bhojpuri movement. As a key part of this we will be sharing about prayer strategies in starting movements as well as “on-the-ground” learning about starting groups and developing leaders to lead to movements. The second meeting will be the Ephesus global meeting November 17-19 hosted by partners in Delhi where we will be praying and strategizing together on starting cascading movements in multiple interconnected groups, regions, or cities. We will be focused on how we can help each other be more effective in our focus populations as well as how we can spread the concept of disciple-making movements as the primary strategic approach globally among least-reached peoples. Honour and I are beginning to pay registration fees, obtain visas, buy tickets, etc. with the total cost for this trip running about $5,000 for the two of us. $5,000 can sound like a lot of money until you begin to realize what this opportunity could bring…it’s a once-a-year opportunity to impact 50-60 practitioners and contribute to maximizing their effectiveness in pioneering new believers and new fellowships where there have formerly been none—a kingdom investment beyond price! Pray for God’s provision of the $5,000 trip costs soon, for logistical preparations, and for each of the leaders who will be attend to receive greater anointing to complete the work God has entrusted to each of them.

Barbara Bills, Honour Fraiser, and I have been praying and working toward a small October meeting in Kenya hoping to help better cooperation in mobilizing African believers to pray for unreached peoples of their continent and beyond, and specifically to highlight Africa’s 1000 Unreached Peoples. We look forward to meeting and praying with key leaders representing a diverse cross-section of the Body of Christ in Africa. During our meeting, we will seek the Lord as we explore what is working and where the gaps are; and mostly trust God to show us how He wants us to work together to see His kingdom coming and His will being done throughout this amazing continent. As a special prelude to this meeting, it looks like God is opening a door to encourage frontier workers in Arab contexts in their efforts to ignite movements to Christ. As I recently talked to one of the team members, their situation sounded remarkably like what Tom and I encountered as we moved to Northeast India to focus on the Buddhist world, beginning with the tiny and very closed nation of Bhutan in the 90’s. We believe our experiences in seeing God eventually begin movements to Christ across the Himalayan region could help these laborers find their way forward in their own challenging circumstances. Travel costs will be about $3,000; pray for God’s provision, favor and protection as we step by faith into these opportunities.

Aug. 20 & Sep. 3 – Tom’s cataract surgeries
Sep. 19-21 – World Mandate Missions Conference, Antioch Community Church, Waco, TX
Sep. 26-29 – International Partnering Associates Training, D/FW area
Sep. 30-Oct. 3 – Persian Consultation, D/FW area
Oct. 22-Nov. 1 – Arab World mtgs. & MANI Africa UPG Prayer Gathering, Kenya
Nov. 9-Nov. 24 – Ethne Ephesus Global Teams gatherings, India
Jan. 13-Jan. 23, 2015 – Fellowship of Prayer Strategists & Great Commission Mobilizers Summit, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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June 16, 2014 Prayer & Praise Updates

June 16th, 2014


Honour and I were able to join in the most recent Arab Ephesus Team Level 2 training. An uncommon sense of unity and passion were evident as the group worked together to grow in their ability to mentor and encourage movements to Christ. The last few days were spent with a larger group connecting, worshiping, praying and seeking God about addressing the biggest barriers hindering the good news in the Arab world. Four key areas were highlighted: lack of prayer, lack of the power of God, fear and lack of vision. We divided into four groups to prayerfully address these concerns and work together into the future God intends for the knowledge of His glory to cover these peoples as the waters do the sea.


This week we head to Central Texas to share the week with our colleagues in the wider Global Ephesus Team. Many are new but our dearest friends and colleagues will be there too that we’ve worked alongside now for ten years or more. Pray for our time together that God would direct our steps into the most fruitful efforts together for His glory.


This week also marks our shift to ministry under From now on donations may be made through Modern Day, PO Box 535578, Grand Prairie, TX 75053 or online by bank draft or credit card at You can now follow more regular updates on my blog at and on Facebook at ladleta or Twitter by following @asianrd. I love to have a two-way conversation–drop me a note, or post to my wall. As God is building His Church, every piece is important and we need one another. Hope to hear from you soon!

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